As we start our new year, I can’t help but reflect on the 2016 that was, and what I hope 2017 will be.

In conversations with friends we all seem to have had a year that was full of lessons, clearing old patterns, bringing wounds the surface, or experiencing challenges which had us digging deep into the core of who we are and what we stand for.

I was no exception.

My year started fabulously …

My right knee was starting to function again after an extensive arthroscopy and subsequent rehabilitation and I was able to be mobile again.  Yay!

I eloped and married (something I wasn’t sure I was ever going to do again) an amazing man!

I celebrated a milestone birthday with my ultimate dream – dinner in the Eiffel Tower, along with a week in Paris

I enjoyed the trip of a life time – San Diego, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Paris, all of Italy, and Hong Kong

I launched 2 websites

I coached some inspirational clients …

Things were wonderfully on track …      until they weren’t.

While we were overseas my left knee was injured, and I was again faced with phenomenal pain, lack of sleep, but profoundly worse for someone of my personality … the inability to walk.

My mother likes to tell everyone that I could run before I could walk, and that is pretty much the pace at which I live my life.  I love moving fast, learning new things, bringing new ideas into being and fully participating in the world.

And this was stopped.  AGAIN!

I had already gone through 9 months of this in 2015 with the right knee, and this was now adding insult to injury.  Talk about hitting me in my achilles heel!

When the Universe wants to pull you up short, it sure knows how to do it!

I was in a numerology number 7 energy year.  This is the year for introspection, deepening spiritual understanding, and evolving yourself to your next level.

As a qualified numerologist I knew that – and I was still trying to run full-on anyway.  Sigh.

So, with no way around the only path was through, and I faced my deepest fears, personality foibles, and hot buttons.

Learning from my experience with surgery in 2015 I chose this time to do a stem cell transplant.  This is in line with my beliefs about rejuvenation, and I hadn’t realised the full ramifications of cutting out 40% of my cartilage the first time around.

So, I had stem cells taken from my pelvic bone and injected into both knees.  A simple medical procedure which heralds a new effective way of treating injury and disease.

But not so simple for me.

Going through a stem cell transplant, is EXACTLY the same procedure my son Daniel went through for his leukaemia.  I didn’t have to do the preparatory chemotherapy and radiation (thankfully!), but the actual procedure itself – the harvesting of the cells and the injecting – was the same process.

And I was emotionally terrified.

Not of the procedure itself as I understood it and its benefits, and I totally trusted my doctor.  No, it wasn’t a logical knowledge thing.  It was another level of unhealed body trauma thing.

Going through a bone marrow transplant with Daniel, and the subsequent 18 month of isolation, was one of THE MOST TRAUMATIC times in my life.  My child’s life hovered continuously on a razor’s edge, and it ultimately didn’t work despite our initial positive results.

In order to give him the best chance to live I pushed down all my own pain and hurt, so that I could keep going.  I consciously chose to do this, knowing the consequences, and I would choose to do that again.  I don’t recommend this for everyone, or in every circumstance, but that was how I chose to face it then.

However, in using this strategy I created a trauma load in my own system, storing all the unexpressed emotions in my body and psyche.  I knew some of it was still there, despite continuously healing myself in the intervening years – which I discovered every time I thought about the procedure and going into hospital.  Additionally, the procedure FORCED me to face my trauma because it physically took place in the parts of my body the trauma was stored in so that it came flooding to the surface anyway.

So, not only was I being hit the hardest way possible for my temperament – not being mobile – but if I wanted to use the best procedure to heal my knee it also meant I had to heal my emotional self.

So I did.

With the support of my wonderful now-husband, a friend, and the ever-present tissues I had to learn:

  • new ways to interact with myself
  • to accept help from others
  • to set boundaries around what I gave to others so I could give to myself
  • where my TRUE worth came from when I couldn’t physically produce and do things.

Phew!  Just some minor stuff eh?

The good news is that in order to heal and make sense of this experience I developed some really profound insights and processes – what I do best!

I am now starting 2017 and I KNOW I have positively changed.  Those around me can see it and sense it in my energy.  Even though I am constantly evolving, I made a quantum shift in 2016.

So I am raring (and able!) to GO!

Which is cool because my energy for this year is a number 8 – the number of material and personal success through interacting with the world.

With the benefit of hindsight it easy to see that the energy currents took me on a journey which was divinely perfect for me.

Did I like all of it?  No – it was confronting at many levels.  Did I get through it and can see the benefit of it?  Absolutely YES!

People have already been asking what I did … and so I am currently pulling it together in some programs to help anyone else who might be facing some challenges or doing their deep inner work.  Stay tuned …

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Wishing you a 2017 that is perfect for YOU!



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