to help you to INTEGRATE all of who you are so you can ride the waves of these transformational times

So who ARE you really?


You are a soul having an adventure in a human body

at a time when the planet is evolving

which is why

you have always had a feeling

that you have a purpose in being here …

You might have figured out what it is and are looking to take it to the next level

or maybe you are still figuring it out.

Either way is fine!

You’re to be congratulated for even wanting to take the next step,
because you are absolutely needed right now.

The time is NOW for you to access the truth of who you are, and to BE this to create a life you love and deserve.

It is YOUR TIME to BE FREE of the limitations you think you have


of the emotional chains that make you feel less-than, unworthy and unlovable


of caring what others think of you


of the confines of societal and familial conditioning


from ‘it can’t be done’ thinking


from perpetually living in judgement – of yourself and others


from self-made limitations


I discovered how to move beyond the things that were my boat anchor

to create an INTEGRATED LIFE I love




Through gaining multiple qualifications and a PhD from the School of Life I’ve learned some wonderful insights about how our world, and our own personal biology, operates.

It took ongoing focused experimentation, hundreds of thousands of dollars in educational investment and years of soul-exploration to uncover who I AM and some shortcuts to feeling love, joy and peace on a consistent basis.

Oh, and in the process I created my dream business,  my ideal lifestyle by the beach, a relationship that makes my heart sing, my environmentally friendly way of zipping around, and the opportunity to hang out with a community of amazing, inspiring people.



I felt that I was finally ready to share a pivotal time in my life that shaped who I am today.

I’m beyond excited that my story is featured in Voicesofthe21stCentury – an international best seller in 4 categories:

#1 in Entrepreneurship
#1 Small Business & Entrepreneurship
#1 Women & Business
#1 Biographies of Business Professionals

Buy your copy signed personally by me and read the uplifting and motivational stories from 50 bold, brave and brilliant women!

I’ve always been fascinated with what makes people tick, and the extent of human potential, and so over the years have made sure to seek out the far reaches of knowledge as well as the latest  breakthroughs – whether it’s neuroscience, neurobiology, accelerated learning, peak performance, NLP, healing modalities, change management, emotional intelligence, multiple intelligencesleadership capability, psychology, personality types, quantum physics and metaphysics

I’ve studied Eastern philosophies as well as Western technologies.

For many years I have specialised in leadership capability, then the next peak performance level of this – extraordinary leadership.


It is now time to push those boundaries further.


We know from quantum physics that our energy affects matter, and the ‘state’ that we are in while we take action directly impacts the outcome.  This means that if we can have  mastery over who we are BEING we can use this as the leverage point to create create phenomenal results – without all the ‘pushing’.

We open up new possibilities.

This, I believe, is the new frontier – expansionary leadership (TM)

Those individuals who can master themselves enough (their mind, heart, body and spirit) to BE whatever they need to be in the moment to create the highest and most expanded possibilities for the way forward.

We know that the greatest freedom comes from self-mastery

I’d love to help you to fast track this – and so create limitless possibilities for a life you love and a business that thrives

You can access ‘outside insight’ through coaching as needed, but predominantly I’ll be sharing my breakthrough mindbody solutions in bite-sized self-paced pieces so you can be your own teacher

You know what’s best for you

I’m just helping you understand the rules of the game faster so you don’t have as many challenges (and more FUN!) along the way

We’ll have lots of FUN together if:

you have already been on the self-development path for a while
you are implementing what you learn, but you’re still not getting the results you want and are looking for the missing pieces
you realise that the more you learn, the less you know
you are open to new ideas and possibilities
you know you create your own reality – you just want to fine-tune what you’re creating!
your soul is stirring you to your next level

My ideas are constantly evolving ...

so if you would like be regularly updated on the latest tools and techniques from my Life Lab 

This is your time to INTEGRATE all of who you are and THRIVE !

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